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Travemunde Wednesday

Geplaatst op 27-07-2016  -  Categorie: Default

Today 4 races were sailed by Splash Red and Splash Blue.
Now Red have sailed 7 in total en Blue have sailed 6 in total Tomorrow we have a layday.
The Blue fleet will be split in Gold (yellow) and Silver (blue) Red will continue there series on friday.
Gold and Silver will start their final series on friday.

Today was clouded and more wind as espected. The race commitee thought that 2 races were possible, so did we. Luckey enough we had 4 races today.
The Splashes were over 30 hours busy with sailing in the last 3 days.

Most of them are happy with the layday, so they can sleep ....
Of course we have sailors that would like to sail tomorrow to make more races.
We always have. But as mentioned, tomorrow-thursday, we have a layday.
Sofar winds look good at friday. We keep you updated on that.

Tomorrow we will update the results with the last 2 races Blue and Red.
We did not yet receive them. You will find the results on www.splashworlds.org

Today the Splash Red sailed the last 2 races on the mediacourse
you can find the full movie on www.youtube.com and seach for : travemunde wache 2016 tag 5
Have fun and enjoy the Splash Red.

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